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outgo n : money paid out [syn: expenditure, outlay] [ant: income] v : be or do something to a greater degree; "her performance surpasses that of any other student I know"; "She outdoes all other athletes"; "This exceeds all my expectations"; "This car outperforms all others in its class" [syn: surpass, outstrip, outmatch, exceed, outdo, surmount, outperform] [also: outwent, outgone]

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etyl ang utgan. Compare Dutch uitgaan, German ausgehen; see also Latin exire.


  • a UK /aʊtˈgəʊ/


  1. To go out, to set forth.
  2. To go further; to exceed or surpass; go beyond.
    • 1603, John Florio, translating Michel de Montaigne, Essays, Folio Society 2006, vol. 1 p. 48:
      Valour hath his limits, as other vertues have: which if a man out-go, hee shall find himselfe in the traine of vice.


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